The credits for this header go strictly to Anita over at Nana's attic. I used her wonderful Rainbow kit freebie. Which is no longer available on her page. BUT she has lots of other fabulous freebies for you to see and download.

Family pic

Family pic
All of us!

My girls

My girls
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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New list and a layout

Hey ladies, I joined in on pillowgirl’s qp exchange today. I REALLY wanted in on that. And I love how the page I did turned out. But for some reason it doesn’t look quite as good as a qp. Hmmm maybe I will post the layout here so you guys can tell me what you think

The list is short tonight.

great mega kit

sweet and sassy 2

a great template to be had here

cute little teethbrushing add on here

Patterns of elegance stickers


late afternoon freebie here

Monday, July 30, 2007

New List

a brand new sweet and sassy kit, starting with qps

a brand new kit called windswept

just married word art

purple floral paper here

LOVE these bug stickers, get BOTH sets

look at these denim purses

bright paper pack here

checkered mini kit

day at tge zoo 2

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A list, and a plea

K, first of all, I decided to post a list today, why, well because I have decided I love freebie hunting. So even though Selena is back I am gonna try to keep up with listing. I guess I went and got addicted.

Secondly, I am sending out a PLEA, to all you lovely designers, we cut over 5 inches off my two year olds hair last night. This was really her first hair cut, more than just a bang trim. I REALLY need some elements to go along with this theme. ANYONE of you lovely ladies willing to help me out. Even if you have a inexpensive kit in a store PLEASE direct me to it. I can’t spend a lot of money right now because we are trying to move, but I have to scrap this drastic new hair do. I love it.

Third, swing by my gallery and look at my new pages I did using Anita’s sweet attitude freebie. I think they turned out well.

Julia part one, this pink and brown kit is as unique as it is lovely. Its great

you are my sunshine kit. LOVE this too

look at this deco border

very cute qp here

floral paper

couple cute papers

ooooooooh I like these “rise up” papers

lime green fusion and play house mini kits here

coffre break mini kit, great title, and lovely colors, now I just need a coffee cup

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Ok, i have no idea what is wrong with my blog, but it isnt working right. So I am posting the link here
Freebie can be found here

Friday, July 27, 2007

New freebie, this time its word art

I hope you all like this, I included three eye colors in the smiley, and the words without a smiley. Also the smiley just of itself. If you guys like this I have lots more ideas for the same type of thing, so let me know.
Just click on the preview to get it.
Special thanks to atomic cupcake for their actions

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

new list

HI ladies. I have a short list up for now. I hope to get back later but we will see. Be sure to check this out. These are all fab. I love them all. Though my find of the day I can’t even pick just one, so I chose TWO.

First off its:

Anita’s done it again! I love this sweet attitude, Im planning my uses allready!

And secondly its this.

OMG look at this lovely new mega kit, be SURE to get this

The order for these is strictly how I found them. I love them both.

adorable bandaids

another great alpha, this time for Josh’s kit

scroll down for a great sampler from her new kit

baby blue mini kit



Update allready

wow, I found this through Julies forum, look at these fab kits, and they’re ALL free

check out her whole blog, I posted her soft whispers yesterday, but man there is a a LOT of great stuff here.

scroll for her great freebie kit with monster trucks

A response

Ok, first of all, to all of you who left me comments about what happened with Laura's site maybe I could have shown a bit more tact. BUT it was two am.
For the comment about older more mature people staying out of it, because they have faced real life loss, etc, that annoyed me. You have NO idea what I have been through in my life, what losses I have faced or anything else. Only two years ago my heart was broken into a million pieces when I lost someone I couldn't have loved any more than I did.
I am glad for everyone who comes by my blog, to check out my freebies and my list. But at the same time this is my blog. I can say whatever I want. thats why they exist. Sorry, but if you don't like it, then don't come by. Really its that simple. Especially when you respond and don't even say who you are, just leave an anonymous note.
I was angry that someone had taken advantage of Laura and stolen from her. As she said she lost 400 dollars from that theft. If it wasn't on the internet the person could have been arrested and gone to jail. And because of that theft Laura has chosen to not give out any more freebies. That is a loss to all of us.
Anyways, thats all I have to say for now. I have my real life to get back to, including my two kids. Come back for a list later if you want.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A little angry, and a list

Ok, first of all, if whoever is reading this is Laura’s theif, you SUCK. I can’t believe someone would do such a thing. She went out of her way to give us great freebies and you took advantage of her.

Next, I am sooo busy reading that new book, I don’t even want to put it down. BUT I thought I would compile a quick list tonight. Be sure to check it out. There is a LOT of great stuff out there tonight.

this new kit is great, its called soft whispers

another great kit, this is called flower fun

last part of her it can be found here

a pink alpha, similar to her brady one

home sweet home kit

baby blues qp

picnic papers, these rock

abstract frames here, look at these

this 8x8 mini album is great

OMG if you have kids and go to the zoo, GET this great freebie

scroll down for amy’s wizardry freebie.

Freebie!!! Animal tracks.

Ok, so tonight I was thinking about scrapping some zoo pages, and then I realized that most of the tracks I had were for animals that my zoo simply doesn't have. So, I decided to remedy that and I created my own. The preview only shows the finalized product, but I also have each print in black without any embossing done. That way you can do your own if you so choose.
I LOVE these. I think they came out great and are very useful to most of us. If you like it, grab it, and let me know what you think.
Oh and I also like the bear. I was playing and playing and thats what I came up with.
To get it just click on the image.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

AN announcement, Harry Potter, and a list

K first of all if any of you missed it. I MADE Mindy's CT. YAY. I am way too excited about this. I have known for awhile but was waiting for the official announcement. I am soooo very excited. Though I am still not entirely sure what this entails. Mindy's CT call was the first one I have REALLY wanted to partake in so I gave it a shot, and I got it. YAY. I LOVE her stuff.
So, tonight I decided at like 8 pm that i HAD to have the newest HP book at midnight. I dont know why. I am no fanatic, yes I have read all six books, but I'm not obsessed. I think they are great but thats it. So at work I got all excited and decided after work I would head out to get the book. And thats what I did.
I got to Meijer and the line went halfway around the store, so I asked a cashier how many they had and was told 4 palletes, which was close to 800 books. Ok, I knew I wasn't THAT far back in line so I went ahead and waited. The line started moving just after midnight and I had my book by 12:15. Then they were having a HUGE sale on my favorite cereal, cinnamon life so I went and got 5 boxes of that lol. I did a bit more shopping and then got in line. 45 minutes after that I was out the door with my book.
YAY, oh and while in line I read the first 35 pages of the book. I can NOT wait to finish this. I am allready in it hook line and sinker. We only got one copy, so I get to read it first, then my hubby.
Ok so the list is SMALL but its good. Check it out

OMG I LOVE this alpha, I want it in pink too

this star mini is cute

note papers pieces

that weird name kit continues, I cant type the name lol but I LOVE the kit

a very cute baby boy qp

MORE of the great qps, are YOU getting them all I am

Thursday, July 19, 2007

New list

Hey ladies, Here is my list from today. I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks

part three of her lovely kit

another fab new kit. i love the overlay

ribbons and bows oh my

a new great template

some great wordart

a birthday balloon template. This is great. AND shes added a home template that I love

passion for purple kit

Mrs. Miles has a new sunflower mini kit

summer paper pack

shes listing some of her freebies as last chance so be sure to look

life is an adventure kit

this beauty within kit, is GORGEOUS, love the red, be sure to check it out

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A freebie and a list

Today I have another new freebie for you and a list. Its my BDAY, well it was before midnight and I made you lovely ladies something last night on my night off. Tonight I had to work, sigh, but we had a great time celebrating last night.

You can grab my freebie here:

Special thanks to pillowgirl for her lovely shape templates. Couldnt have made these without her.

And now for a list

A great new template

a great asian themed kit, Pamela is quickly becoming one of my favs

wow.. elements, papers and more.

templates and qps here

one of the best denim kits ive seen, hard to believe its free

frames and papers here

nice template

THIRTY, yes THIRTY more qps are up here. Including my qp, let me know what you think

LOOK at this kit she dedicate to selena. I love it

Monday, July 16, 2007

today's List

look at this chicken kit. Too cute

be SURE to grab this great boys kit. Its fab

OMG I love these soccer stickers, arent they great

this qp is girly and lovely

a fish charm

dusted blossom qps are up, be sure to look at these

floral paper here, this is lovely

look at this kit, I love the colors, owl la la

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mini list

A quick mini list

Over at Nana’s atic her autumn harmony kit continues. CHECK out the frame in this layout. I love it.

pillow girl is reoffering her sherbet freebie. If you don’t have this be sure to get it. Its great. Also leave her some love, she needs it badly right now.

check out her new kit. The freebie that coordinates with it is great.

zodiac medallions

Vals got another great qp up.


wow this mini kit is pretty

omg love this

part two of the scotland kit

look at these graph papers

look at this mini kit, very lovely

Friday, July 13, 2007

New List

My list is really short tonight. I just don’t seem to have the drive to do more than check my fav sites. Sorry Ladies. But there is still some great stuff to be had.

over at the stone accent site she’s added more butterfly qps

a josh kit. This is great. I love the colors

more of my sweet baby boy kit.

look at this alpha

cherries jubilee kit

another great qp

If you are registered at digital candy get her freebie. Its kind of a pain to get, and normally I don’t list things I have to jump through hoops for, but I LOVE her stuff.

And if you ARE gonna go to digi candy check out all the great freebies there.

lilac smiles kit

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Man I am tired and it is LATE. Here’s my list. Hope you all enjoy. I got home from work almost a half hour later than usual. Sigh. My list is short, because it only has the ones from my favorite sites tonight.

FIND OF THE DAY!! Okay so she emailed it to me. BUT these qps are great and there are sooo many of them.

another great template

OMG I LOVE this girly kit. So cute

sweet baby boy continues

nice sampler, love the reds

cardboard targets

ANOTHER must have at Nana’s attic, autum harmony, there are two parts here

envelopes and tags

pillowgirl has a calender qp up. Very nice. She also has up 18 ribbons and bows

Vals got another great qp up

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

An update and a list

Okay, I have NO idea what happened to the first half of my blog. I had started out telling you that from now on, due to a realization that the comp has started to become an addiction that I sometimes put before my kids, I will be cutting way back on comp time. I intend to continue making a list at least until Selena is back full time, but from here on out I will be doing it at night when I get home from work. Generally this is about 11:30 pm.

There are downsides to this of course. But one positive is that, for all of the ladies who post their freebies in the evening, they will make it to my list before making it to most other peoples. And for all the night owls out there they can check my list late and find all sorts of new stuff. And for the early birds too, you will be looking at a more current list.

Also, I have begun the fun, yet daunting task of homeschooling my 2.5 year old daughter. I know shes is young, but we are only doing an hour or so a day, at her pace. And she is SMART. My hubby and I jokingly call her a super genius, but she’s BRIGHT. She amazes everyone she comes into contact with. My pediatrician raves about her intelligence even. She has been speaking in sentences since 18 mos, and now can easily speak in 8-9 word sentences, knows all her colors and shapes, can count to 15, sometimes 25 lol, and knows about 8 letters by sight. So this too is taking up a lot of my time.

And now without further adieu

The List

reve de start part two

another one of her great templates. I love these.

princess pamela also has a great template up.

my sweet baby boy paper packs, even if you don’t have a baby, or you have a baby girl check out the papers, the colors are nice

Misty has two lovely blue papers up

pillowgirl has a soft wave overlay on her blog

pink poppy mini kit. VERY pretty

vals got deep red grungy elements up, in two sets

look at this little boy angels. Angels, especially boys touch a part of my heart that nothing else can. There are two very special boy “angels” who will always be near me.

wow check this timeless kit out. NICE

bows and folded ribbons that go with her violet and lace papers

this pure sunshine mini kit it great. And the word art is the best part in my opinion

nerdy boy paper pack Just the name is catchy even

lots of great freebies here

check out these kits, including a happy bday one

god’s art kit, check this out

natural elements, these are great

Monday, July 9, 2007

Mondays freebie list

Ok, ladies, Im really tired right now. So I am posting a list but I am sorry if my descrips arent very much tonight. I don’t know why I am so wiped out, but I am.

a great template here

find a template here as well

camo alpha

magnifique sampler

shes got some cardboard stripes up, AND a ct call

home sweet home kit

a brag book sampler, way cute

doodle stickers can be found here

papers, and borders

oooooooooh I like these flowers

wine tasting freebie, these are neat buckles

ambrosia dawn part 5. I LOVE these colors

lifes journey kit

little love sampler

three beautiful freebies, including a lovely butterfly princess kit

no name paper pack #3

oooooooooooh july sunshine kit. NICE

OOOH stitched felt numbers, these are great

pineapple addon freebie

pillowgirls added 10 new freebies to her gallery

Not a list, or a freebie, but a layout

So tonight I was over at Pillowgirl's blog, because my google reader hadn't listed any updates on her page recently and I was curious to see how she was doing. And when I got there she was saying how we are her inspiration for new freebies, and that our comments make her really happy. She also put in a very sweet request to see some of our work, using her HARD work.
Well, it made me realize that despite the fact that almost everything she does I have to have, and I have to have it NOW, I had never used any of it. Not one bit.
I didn't like that thought, so I opened up photoshop and I got to work. This layout is the result. I LOVE the colors she used, and the way they work with these photos seems perfect to me, almost like she had looked at my photos before designing lol. That's just her talent coming through. The colors are so natural and amazing, they could be used in a thousand ways.
Anyways lol, before I go on and on about how talented she is, I'll stop on that line of thought lol. She ranks up there as one of my absolute favorite designers, I will say that though. AND she does this all for free! So, be sure to swing by her blog (link to your right) and check out her freebie gallery to make sure you have it all. While you are there, leave her some thoughts and prayers, she's got some family stuff going on that she mentions on her blog. So be SURE to take the time to say thanks for her great work too.
Anyways, I really am done now. Just thought I would share this with everyone. I love how my layout turned out. What do you ladies think?
Credits : Pillowgirl for all of the papers and elements
and Fryske too. While I didnt actually use her template 10, it was the inspiration for the way I did this page. I didn't want to leave her off my thanks.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Thoughts and a freebie list.

Ok, ladies I have a list, and also a few questions. I have been looking at some of these lists lately and it seems like some people just post the links, no matter what. I tend to only post the things I like. NOT that just because I forgot to post you, or didn’t catch a freebie that I don’t like it, but I am not gonna waste your time or mine posting freebies I think are junk. But some of the other lists out there are like OH, we have 200+ freebies today, and I wonder how. Then I go look, and that’s what a lot of them are. Or freebies that you have to jump through hoops for which I don’t like either.

I guess my point is I wonder which you guys prefer. I know that I check Amy W.’s list and Ikea Goddess’ list daily, because they ALWAYS have quality freebies listed and almost always ones that I missed. To me their lists are of value. I am just curious what you think. And I started with Selena’s list because something about her personality just caught my attention. And her freebies were always fabulous. I miss her.

When I check my hit list, I see that so many of you come, and I know many of you come regularly. I love reading your comments. Its so nice to hear from you. I love the digi scrapping community. You ladies are all FAB, (I think that’s my word of the day). So many of you just leave me a hi, and I think that’s awesome. THANKS.

Anyways I just wanted some input on that topic. I had other questions but I forgot what they were. SOON I have some news that I can not wait to share, but I have to wait for word that its okay. Hehe for now its still a secret.

her camo and lace kit continues, if you have teenage girls you cant miss this

Okay… so Misty doesn’t have any freebies today but she has some great tips

country breeze grab bag

OMG I love this template, you can fill it with LOTS of photos.

eastern spice pin alpha, check it out

this “happy camping” mini kit is cute

boy or girl part two. I really am digging this kit

this blue and green alpha is FAR from ordinary, check it out. I think its great

theres a great template here, and if you scroll down, I LOVE these stamps

These links go together, so be sure to grab both of them.Wow, these are lovely qps, red white and black

HILARIOUS, and so handy for posting your layouts a great way to protect privacy of people who don’t want their pics online

oooh, oooh lookie at this template

another lovely and useful template. Check it out

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Todays List

Here is a quick list. Im in a really bad mood today, and this helped some. So I hope you all enjoy.

OOOOOOOH look at this new kit

scroll for a new template, and look at that layout. Wow

a circle template and an overlay

camo lace and bling 2

nana’s got the elements for her country breeze kit up

some folded ribbons

wood layer styles, I don’t know how to use them yet but I am gonna try

eastern spice bonus!!!!

val has some red reflective elements, they’re neat

crayon circles

LOVELY papers, and LEAVE some love, these are her first freebies shes offered to everyone

a new kit, called blue dreams

a ladybug alpha, AND check out her new store

double page template, very nice

look at this word art, its in circles. LOVE it

look at this beach kit. VERY nice

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Todays list

Ok, SOOO many of the things I found today really are MUST haves, but this first one, you HAVE to see. It is the cutest thing ever. Even if you aren’t from America check it out.

OMG check out this sampler. The cat in the flag hammock makes this a MUST have

northwest digi scrapper has a cute freedom paper, very unique

more of her zoo freebies

rhapsody add on

scroll down for a camo and lilac papers. These are fab

again you have to scroll but these what a mess splatter papers are great

SIX gorgeous quilted papers, this woman has TALENT

a rusted alpha can be found here

Vals got red white and blue curled papers up. And while they are VERY patriotic I can imagine LOTS of uses for them. So check them out.

Some GREAT textured papers can be found here. And some page borders too

Heather has a red white and blue kit up. I know there is a LOT of that out there right now, but check out her alpha, its wonderful

this red white and blue kit is truly unique. She calls it “Honoring Grandpa” If you love a soldier this kit is for you

this template is NICE

this new kit, boy or girl is lovely

fryske has another lovely wonderful template up

part three of dots and stripes is up, these are papers. Be sure to scroll for the blues and greens too

part two of blueberry sparkles… love the colors.. nice

this citrus kit, is plush. Man im running out of ways to say lovely lol

this qp is great

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Freebie list

Okay so its EARLY in the morning, but if I am gonna get a list up today I better do it now. I am SOO tired right now. I just wanna go to bed

These papers just might be my find of the day. I love the flowers

okay this little zippy bag is WAY to cute

sweetness of life add on

LOOK at this zoo template. HOW perfect

Misty has a great July 4th freebie up

stitching can be found here

Pillow girl has some essential ribbons up. Just like EVERYTHING she does, its essential

a glitter swirl overlay

another great 4th of july mini kit

forest green elements part two

another fantastic part of liberty everlasting

LOOK at this lime green and tangerine mega kit. LUSH as Selena would say.

Thanks for pointing me to it boo.

LOOK at this teaser. I don’t know what its gonna be but I bet its great. Then scroll down and get the lady bug samplers

Ambrosia Dawn, a brand new kit. Its beautiful

this kit is called ratatouille, but theres no rats, its just lovely

look at this word art

OMG look at these pastel note papers

Monday, July 2, 2007

New list

Okay, I had NO intention of doing a list so early today. We are about to head to the zoo.But I swung by Nana’s attic and saw the awesome mega kit and I couldn’t help myself. You ladies have to get this kit. For right now this is only a list from my favorite sites, from my automatic updates, I will try to do more searching later. But i HAD to share.

Freebie list

WOW… check out this mega kit. NINE count them NINE designers have put together a liberty everlasting kit to celebrate the fourth. Be sure to get them ALL

Heres the other 8 designers blogs too

Amy w


Acorn designs

Jannis scraps

Jessica G.

Michaele Burkhart

Michelle Conrad

Rosemade designs.

DON’T miss this kit. I cant believe its free!!

a sexy girl mini kit

MORE purple crazy.

another add on to her thank you kit. LOVE the words shes added

some LOVELY triple frames

Gotta have these forest elements. LOVELY as always

I like her envelopes, grab em

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Freebie list

Ok, I DIDN’T make it before midnight, so technically it’s a Sun. list, but we are still gonna call it Sats. Though, I have a TON of stuff going on tomorrow, so lets hope I make it back to do another one.

A great new purple craze kit, be sure to grab it

4th of July freebie and scroll down for some rubberbands

OOOH this is great, it’s an “expecting you” sampler. LOVE it

If part six was missing grab it and party day 7 is up too

a new alpha

new qp, LOVE it

she has some new “pretty frames” up, the name fits

country breeze three, you have to see this quilted paper

patriotic mini kit. I like

THREE overlays

I don’t even know what to call this but I like it, she calls it this and that. Its got an alpha, a magnifying glass, a grungy envelope and tape.

triple dipped stitches, you have to see them

oval template, different but I like

4th of July word art

sticker borders. Neat, GOOD job on leaving her some love people

scroll for a great template

summer art papers, and read her about me, I laughed