The credits for this header go strictly to Anita over at Nana's attic. I used her wonderful Rainbow kit freebie. Which is no longer available on her page. BUT she has lots of other fabulous freebies for you to see and download.

Family pic

Family pic
All of us!

My girls

My girls
enjoying the warm weather

Saturday, June 30, 2007

A quick note

Just letting everyone know, I wont be able to get my list together until LATE tonight. I work till 11 and before that I am scrapping myself and spending time with my family. So swing by later, and in the mean time check out Pillowgirls blog, Nana's blog, and Ikea Goddess' list.

Friday, June 29, 2007

An update to my list

Jackie made this adorable and sweet baby wordart, but didn't have a preview, so she said I could post one. I love this

You can get this here

Freebie List and rambling a bit

Hey all. First off I want to say thank you to all you ladies who pop by and take the time to say hi. I love that. And I appreciate when you let me know of new freebies too, makes my job a bit easier. THANKS

I don’t feel so good today, my allergies are majorly kicking my rear. I can barely breathe and NOTHING is helping. Sigh. My allergies have not been this bad in probably ten years as they have this summer.

Other than that though I have had a great day off. I took the girls to play at the play place in the mall. Allanah loves it there, even better than the park. I think that’s because at the park there is hardly ever any kids her own age and at the mall there are TONS of kids to play with. Plus lol that girl LOVES to shop. She is totally my child. I think its funny.

Well anyways, while the girls are both napping (AT THE SAME TIME!!! I thought that was close to impossible) I am putting up my freebie list.

Lady bug three and four

shes got a GREAT freebie list up, and a gorgeous kit called Capri. You have to check it out

Oh canada mini kit. Im not from Canada so I doubt Ill use this, but for those of you that are this is great.

Swim like a fish qp. Its great

if you have kids, and you go to the zoo, you HAVE to get this mini kit. Its fab

Misty has a new tutorial up, this one is how to align items. She has taught me SOOO much. Thanks Misty

butterfly qp4

capricorn papers complete this kit. GET them all

BEAUTIFUL papers, and LEAVE her some love. Come on ladies it doesn’t take but a second and it makes our days.

these stitches are fab

a laugh qp, how cute

look at this kit. Its gorgeous

stone alpha

chaotic mess part 2

Jenna has some cute 4th of July Ribbons ( I guess that’s what you’d call them) up

another 4th item, this time a kit

extreme paint papers, I like this

baseball frames. Very nice

beady alpha

ooooh lovely. Butterfly word tags

felt flowers here. Take a look. And be sure to wish her a happy bday tomorrow

great template, AND an envelope here.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

freebie list

wow… this is lovely

lady bug part two

almond joy mini kit

qp and template here

baseball template, or element or frame lol, that’s how she described it

new template here

rhapsody qp

Mistys got a word art tutorial, and a great sample freebie

beautiful butterfly qp number 3

check out these plaid papers

gently kit, very pretty

sagittarius papers are up today

grandmas flower kit, very pretty, then scroll down, there is LOT here

template here

down by the seaside, I like this kit

party day 5

country breeze day2


wonderful templates

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Freebie list

Todays list. I have a sleeping kylie in my arms so can’t type much.

Not a freebie but look at this page Vickie did using my baby kit. I love it.

scroll down for some cute stickers

check out holli’s lovely qp, its all about LOVE

another lovely butterfly qp

another wonderful template. She does great ones

dude mini kit

party day 4

very cute health word art here

nanas got a NEW kit up called country breeze. ALWAYS a must have

pillow girl has a lovely tulip element up today

part 5 of eastern spice. I didn’t think this kit could get any better

triple circle frame

scorpio papers

wow… look at this romance kit

look at this cherries kit. Lovely

Laura has reposted ALL her freebies, be sure to check them out

overlay again. Beautiful as always

Kevin jr part SEVENTEEN. WOW this kit is massive

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Freebie list

Hi everyone. I dont have a lot of time today, I have to work, and its my goal to get some new pics of the girls, both alone and together. So i put together this list early. There is a LOT of great things out there already. Check it out.

Scrappy pony has some dog polaroid frames today

a great template here

Scarlett night pt 4, and this time its got lady bugs. TOO cute

Jannis is having a party to celebrate 500,000 hits. Check it out. This kit is nice

home sweet home part one

stitched flower clusters very nice

no freebie here, but the layout is beautiful and inspiring

Libra horoscope papers

a butterfly qp here, lovely as always

I know for most of us its summer, but this winter kit is gorgeous. Grab it and save it/

this have fun mini kit, is pretty and fun

cute paper pack

lace collar overlay

Monday, June 25, 2007

Updated list

look at these elements

cute and bright button fram

a cute strawberry kit, then scroll down for a lovely girly qp

scroll down to grab a template called it’s a girl thing. Its cute

a great template here too

outdoor flowers here today., this is the last of this kit. Get it

new and improved cancer papers, and virgo is up too

My new header

The story of baby Kaleb is all over myspace right now, and sadly its a true story. This little boy was shaken by his babysitter and is now in the PICU in florida. His story has caught many hearts and touched many lives. I created this header to hopefully get more people involved in this prayer chain, or whatever you want to call it. His doctors don't give him MUCH hope, but they do say it is too early to give up. And we all know God can and does work miracles every day. Let's join in prayer that he receive one too. He takes a few steps forward and then one back, I hope the back ones stop very soon.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Freebie and a list

Sorry I didn’t manage to get a list up yesterday. This weekend has been BUSY BUSY, but so much fun. Yesterday the hubby and I went to Michigan’s Adventure, a small theme park not too far from us. NO KIDS! We had a blast. But I got a bad sunburn. BAH, we forgot to put sunscreen on the first two hours we were there. I had forgotten how much fun it was to PLAY all day long, and not have to worry about chasing around the kiddos.

Today we took the girls to the zoo. YAY. Allanah loves to go to the zoo. And we went with my sister and her kids and hubby. It was my youngest nephews first trip. He seemed to love it, and we had a lot of fun. Him and Allanah are the best of buds, so having those two together is a blast always.

So today I have a list for you, and another paper template. I was inspired late the other night, and just couldn’t help myself. So there is one more circle template, and this is my new favorite for sure.

You can get it here

List for today

Girly quick pages. LOTS of pink. Gotta love it.

WOW… get this pink paper, I love it

Scarlett Night part three. I am in love with this kit

Janochs got an add on to her newest kit, “freedom” VERY nice

Papers for Leo here

Scrappy pony has a GORGEOUS, AMAZING, template, get it

Brittney’s posting a freebie a day, and they are beautiful

This alpha is cute

all sorts of outdoorsy stuff, you gotta scroll down

old beach mini kit

Collage papers and elements

a little bit of bling, kit. This is AMAZING

quick pages, girly and cute

Another lovely overlay

Paper flower

double page template, you have to love this

If you are a template love, here is another great one

cute quickpage about love

Mindys AWESOME qp, I love all her stuff

wedding cake 8.5x11 template. Very cute

and lots more templates if you scroll. THANKS for sending me this link lorri

These Ivory papers in her essentials pack, continue to be just what she says. ESSENTIAL.

Honey bee kit, these colors are great

Saturday, June 23, 2007

New freebie, from a request

Today I have an overlay and three papers that I made using the overlay. Someone wanted to see papers made from my daughters easter dress and here they are.
You can grab this here

Friday, June 22, 2007

Freebie List

Allright, heres my list for today. Its not too big but there is some WONDERFUL stuff out there today. Be sure to check it out.

this baby mini kit, is one of the best ive seen.

cute 8x8 quickpage here

flowery garden papers, lovely

doodle frames

kevin jr kit continues with ribbons


you’ve got male alpha

eastern spice pt 3, look at those papers!

this template is GREAT. I love the big flowers

hello my name is stickers

very cute doodles

perfectly poppies add on. LOVELY

a new kit, called scarlett night

Oh, man, I can NOT believe I almost missed this. Mindy has another quick page up. Do you have a boy? If so GET this. Its wonderful.

New freebie

Hey all. I am posting my freebie now, because I am not sure how busy I will be tomorrow. I HOPE to get a list up, but I can not make any promises. Right now I am thoroughly exhausted. Bah. SO today I am posting my favorite of the three templates I made. I Really like how it came out and Hope you do too.
You can grab it here

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Freebie and a list

Hey all, Life is good but BUSY. Im trying to keep up with the list. Forgive me if I miss some of them. Today I have my second paper template, and of course the sample paper too. I hope you all like it. Tomorrow I have my favorite one.

You can get it here

Let me use her descrip, cause I like it lol. A paper with big , honkin' stars and a label...

the freebie isnt up yet but swing by later. The teaser is great.

The taurs part of the zodiac series. Its great. Get it

check out the detail in this ivory paper. WOW

OOOOh look at this template. So nice

tropical fun part 4, amazing as always

a cute soft pink kit, and leave some love.

H template is up, And grab a-g as well

check these papers out. Very pretty

pretty neutral qp, and she needs some love too. So LEAVE some

last addon for cardboard moon

transportation stickers. Perfect for little boys

military tapes

first part of “you’ve got male” can be found ehre

check out these gorgeous bows

check out these farm animal stickers. They are CUTE

Well I doubt I will get back to update later. But I will try. Enjoy the great stuff

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Freebie and a list

Ok, lol, first of all OOOPS. I thought I had one part of the kit left and that was the last part. Last night was ROUGH. I had went back to work, which I LOVE being back. Its great. I forgot how happy I was at that job. BUT then I come home, try to throw together a list, and get some sleep, and about 12am or so, my two year old comes out of her bedroom and says “I threw up”. And oh, boy did she. Her and I were up ALL night last night, she finally crashed at 5 am, only to wake up again at six. So like I said rough night.

Fortunately though, she is MUCH better today, seemed that bug had a VERy short life. My nephew was sick too, and he too is over it. Thank goodness. We thought maybe it was food poisoning but then realized they hadn’t really eaten the same things. So who knows.

For today, I am offering a template of a paper I made and the paper too. I think the template is very versatile. It’s in psd format, and also a jpeg for those of you without photoshop. This is my first attempt at this so let me know what you think.

You can grab this here

Freebie List

I LOVE this quick page. Grab it, its from a kit called Moulin Rouge

And also some papers

this “new day” overlay is swirly and cute. I like

a cute little filmstrip as the designer put it, and I agree

soft florals kit

MORE tapes, this time pink lemonade

part two of the zodiac papers

is your hubby a GREAT fantastic wonderful dad. Or your dad? If so get this word art

FRAMES, these are SOO unique. You have to get them

another one of her lovely templates

part three of tropical fun is up. Another MUST have.

check out the colors on this wonderful freebie

Beautiful paper pack

Pretty pretty papers

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Critter camp continues and a list

The next part of my kit is up. Its more papers. Be sure to grab this

And here is my freebie list.

curled ribbon and some cute frog frames

Diamond papers.

Mindy has some cute quickpages up

eastern spice part two


Complete rainbow kit

summer jeans kit

grungy bright frames

primary colors kit

zodiac papers. These are great. Be sure to check daily for your sign

outdoorsy kit

daisy element

melon sorbet mini kit. LOVE it

aqua breeze add on

last part of summery love

Monday, June 18, 2007

Freebie list

Today is going to be BUSY so I am trying to get a list in now. I go back to work today. I am both looking forward to this and dreading it. I have really loved being home with my girls, but money has been VERY tight and we wouldn’t be able to continue this way for long.

gold paper here, as usual very nice

bent frame template 3

soft colored striped and shabby papers

hot air balloon template. Very nice

more tropical fun. GET this

Colies mom has joined in on the designing fun. And today shes posted Midnight dreams

americana paper pack. One of the best americana paper packs I have seen

not really a freebie, but a great tutorial on photo clusters

misty has a tag sample from her new kit. I like it.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Critter Camp Alphas tonight

Okay everyone, here is the next part of Critter Camp. Tonight it is three alphas, each is a different color and font. I uploaded them seperately so that you could get only one or all three if you choose. Please let me know what you think of them

Orange Alpha

Green Alpha

Pink Alpha

Happy Father's day all (and a list)

Hope You had/have a good one. So far ours has been great, but busy. We did nursery in church and then went out to lunch. RIght now Allanah is down for a nap and Kylie is playing with Daddy, so I thought I would get my list up. Its not horribly large today, because I don't have time to search through ALL my list. I just checked my favs and digishop talk. Hope you all love em too.

eastern spice pt 1, very pretty

meadow part 2. be sure to check it out.

dad wordart

blue mini kit, nice

very cutesy kid kit

tulip mini kit, you all know I love all her stuff, so get this

hawaiin shirt add on. TOO cool

princess minikit

Tropical fun kit. As always her stuff is simply a MUST have

cardboard alpha and shapes

cute button add ons for houra kit

More of the rusty days kit. Get it.

Elegance kit. Very nice

GORGEOUS papers, grab them

Pillowgirl NEVER ceases to impress me. Don’t miss these notepad elements.

another template. If you like templates, get this

Update ALREADY lol

Dso war is ON

Denim alpha here.

glitter bugs. WAY cute, but it reminds me of my own stuff lol, and scroll down for more

purple heavan accessories, very pretty, papers are further down

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH mangolicious. I LOVE this

Home sweet home sampler

love sampler here

alpha, its cute too, coordinates with her soft spring sampler which is also there for free

These are all from the freebie war, not all of em are brand new, but I hadnt listed them yet. Go by and grab them and don't forget to leave the love.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Critter Camp continues

Tonight is more of the papers. I hope you like em. I'm too tired to write much more and we have to be up in the morning for church. Today was long because of Pride, then date night, and I am wiped out. Hope you all have a good rest of your weekend and fathers day especially. If you have a great dad or are married to one like I am, I hope we remember to thank them all the time, but especially tomorrow.
You can grab the papers here

Today's List and a winner

FIRST of all I have chosen my winner. I was really stuck between two, but my husband made the final pick. And the winner is Critter Camp, by Kendirin. I will be getting out your surprise later today, or tomorrow. I PROMISE. I also very much liked It’s a Critterful Summer. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.

LOTS of freebies today. Tags, GORGEOUS papers, and more

stars papers and some stitching. Be sure to grab

Slides. These are WAY cute, grab them

Cluster frames, and some of the BEST fathers day word art I’ve seen. You have to join her group but I SWEAR its worth it.

Cute cute flower stickers

Nice, nice qp, very elegant, reminds me of my grandma

curly thingts and papers

calendar in the round

pretty blue frames, and scroll down for more

look through these, there is some nice stuff

OOOH get this cherry blossom. Its PRETTY

More summery love, today its an alpha and rub ons, pretty as ever

THIS is where the baby girl mini kit was from yesterday. Sorry. Oh and there is a template here too, that I missed and love.

The list is small today, but it IS a weekend, and its also early. I will be back later to post the next part of my kit. Not sure what I am posting yet. Prolly more papers. Will try to update my list too, but its date night for me and my hubby.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Next part of my freebie

Hey everyone,
First of all a reminder, that if you haven't put in your name suggestions tonight is the last chance. Tomorrow I will be picking a winner. I think you will really like the surprise.
Then tonight is the night for the tags and the CRITTERS, my favorite part. I hope you like them as much as I do. Grab em now.
Also I was wondering if anyone was interested in the flowers in glitter form, and/or sticker form. Let me know. I thought that might be nice but I wasn't sure what you guys thought.
I love seeing how many people are swinging by. Thanks for coming. Glad you enjoy the elements.
You can grab this here

Todays Freebie list

This is todays first installment of my freebie list. I HOPE to get back later to update it, but no promises. Feel free to leave anything that I missed in the comment box. If you download any of these things be sure to tell them I sent you. And don't forget to leave some love.
Come back later today and I will be posting the next part of my kit. Today it will be the tags, and the CRITTERS. Also, I'm making today the last day to name the kit. I'll pick my winner tomorrow. Thanks for the great suggestions.

Jenny left me this link. Its WAY cute. Its called Girl loves science. Very very

unique and the colors are great!

CUTE cute quick pages here. Very girly.

do you have a little fisherman? Or a big one? If so these frames

are for you

Val has a teal quickpage for you, not sure what to say about this one

except its beautiful and elegant.

check out this lovely overlay

Rusty days kit continues. Be SURE to grab this. Its gorgeous. Today its the papers

today she has a baby girl kit up.

cardboard moon continues. this time with a couple quickpages and

some fuzzy papers

more summery love, be sure to get it all

very rugged and boyish frames

word art, i like alot

for dad freebie. adorable frame included

dare to dream mini kit. this is gorgeous

bent photo templates

metal frames and papers. WAY cool

grungy star overlay and papers

kevin jr. part 9, this time its manly tags


FIRST OF ALL swing by Pillowgirls blog. DON’T miss this one. If it’s the only thing you get go there.

She has some templates for you of ALL sorts of shapes. These are wonderful. You know when you’re working on that page, and you just don’t have the right element. NOW you can make it. And she even tells you how.

Fathers day kit, and shes having a fantastic sale too. Check it out

flower pack, these colors are great

Lena’s day add on. VERY girly, and pretty

pirates kit. PERFECT for those halloween pics

These stamps are wonderful. If you have adopted and scrap be sure to grab this wordart

a really really nice alpha, its gold. I like it a lot.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Freebie part two

Today, I am offering the flowers to this kit. I believe there are ten of them. The preview can be seen if you scroll down.
Grab them here

Today's list
Vals got another textured paper up. very nice
part 13 of her stars and stripes kit is up. The colors make this so unique
add on for her romance kit. Very pretty

pansies for all.
fancy gold alpha
Grab this rusty days kit. Its coming in pieces but its worth it
awareness ribbons, she did a beautiful job
Essential? without a doubt. dont pass on these daisies
Last part of elegancia, scroll down to get it all
andilynn has a beautiful template up. AND if you cant download it yet
she says it will be on 4shared soon
Its bling!!
oooooh lots of freebies. i like the quickpage and frogs
lucky stars kit. GREAT for boys
i dont think this is new but ive never seen it. lots of stuff here. I LOVE the
friday night cocktails papers
last of the independence kit is here

Is this gorgeous or WHAT. grab it. summery
in case this was missed yesterday grab it. more of her summery love kit

She posted a freebie yesterday. If you didnt get it, grab it now. Its a red and blue alpha and paper. Also, I know this is old news to most of you, but if you dont know, check out her tutorials. They are awesome and REALLY helpful to newbies and experienced scrappers and designers as well.

link fixed

So sorry about that, I wonder if it has to do with the fact that i SHOULD have been in bed not up trying to work on that lol. It works now
You can get it here, or scroll down

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

HUGE freebie for you

There are 15 papers in this kit, and more elements than I can begin to show on the preview. For each color there are multiple papers. This kit doesn't have a name yet. Name it and I'll give you a surprise. Leave me a comment with the suggestions.
Its broken up into pieces, at least 7. Today you get the glitter papers, well half of them. They were too big for one file.
You can grab it here

freebie list and good news!

I was all set to accept a new job today. I had an interview Monday, and she told me that she would be calling me today to offer me the position if my references checked out. I was very exicted after being out of work for a month. THEN this morning I got a call from my old job. The job i LOVED and never wanted to leave but did due to family issues. They finally have a spot fotr me with hours I can actually manage. YAY. Sorry for typos baby is in my arms. So I am very excited. YAY.
Now heres the list. Ill be back later with more im sure.

a cute summery kit

sunflower days kit, very good for pics in the garden

more of the independence kit. Perfect for patriotic layouts, and 4th of July

textured teal paper

photo clusters



paper pack. As usual GET these

these are the last elements of this kit. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the last papers too

FOUR free kits, and all of them beautiful. Be SURE to swing by

Shape stitches. They are awesome

mega kit with registering. This kit is lovely

this is called salty pea green soup. Weird name pretty papers


quick pages for her our little man kit

blank caps for her kein jr kit. Very nice

baby boy mini kit

flower doodles, very cute, grab em

Its getting HOT , grab this diablo mini kit

These papers rock. They look like they have tire prints on them. I love these

Cat tapes today. Cute cute

CHECK this blog out. It’s a must. Gorgeous summer freebies, cowboys, sunflowers, fish, and MORE

more of the summer love kit. dont miss out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Freebie List for today

independence elements, scroll down, it’s a great mega kit

fishin mom has the 7th part of her Kevin Jr. kit up

these papers are GORGEOUS. Be sure to grab them. Girly, and soft, and just lovely

The our little man kit continues. As usual amazing. Scroll down for all the parts, and the rest of her work if you don’t have it yet.

Quick pages of a new kit called Summer love. Another of my favorite places to visit. Be sure to scroll down for more. The very next link is a charm alpha that I LOVE

Vintage aint for Sissies continues. Making a heritage kit? Be sure to grab this

add on to her first kit, classic merlot

theres a cute kit on here called fresh day, and lots of other goodies too

How many times have you wanted a quickpage for a bday layout? This one is CUTE

Girly kit here

Be sure to check this out. Shes offering some of her freebies as last chance. DON’T miss any of them.

Okay list update

Additional freebies

more of her dusted blossoms kit

Mama Cole continues to turn out beautiful work. This time it’s a template

A spicy freebie. Check it out, you have to scroll down

Happy scrapgirl has her FIRST freebie up, and it’s a template. GRAB this, its cute

a template, papers, just be sure to scroll down and check the whole thing

a pizza alphabet, some great leather belts

a paper pieced lilac, and if you scroll you can grab some templates too

A fathers day kit, Grab this

summer love sampler

butterfly frenzy part 1

cardboard moon add on

glitter splatters


Pillowgirls done it AGAIN for us. Shes got some po lka dot papers for us. As usual GRAB These.

Love word art

grungy solid papers

Ashelys room mini kit

OOOH pretty pretty journaling notes

More tapes

When you grab these be sure to leave some love. And tell em I sent you too. Thanks

Thursday, June 7, 2007

My first template

I created my VERY first template, so if
there are ANY problems with these please let me know. It appears to work just fine, but still. Here is
the template. (I guess I'm a perfectionist, because I had to redo the template, i didnt like the lines)

Here is the layout i did using this template. The layout isn't completely done, but I was sooo very anxious to share this with you, that this is what you get.
You can get it here

Credits: Sunny daze kit by holli hobbi. (and yes this amazing kit IS a freebie)

Another freebie list

Just thought I would be helpful again. Its not long, but these are my favs that I found today. Check them out. And remember if you download, be sure to leave some love. At least a thanks.

boys club add on, get it here
cute quick pages, get it here
movie night template, its here
Prince and Princess stickers, are here.
These are VERY cute, if you have a little prince or princess at home you have to have these
My dad mini kit, here
Vintage Aint for sissies continues,here
If you are working on family history albums or pages of your grandparents, or anything of the like this kit is a MUST have. I cant believe its free
This time shes honored dad, with her tapes which you can get here
Berry Lime ric rac. Grab it, everything pillowgirl does is awesome, and its here
If you dont have the rest of this berry lime kit be sure to grab it, and anything else she has up.

Update: A few more freebies for today
Scrappy pony has some very unique arrow frames on her blog. Very nice can be found here
In the meadow kit. VERY pretty, find it here
Sindiego has a template on her blog.
Rita mini kit, i like the colors, find it here
Have a husband who fishes? or a kid? or even you? then this kit is a must have, grab it here
Cute orange kit, called paradise punch, its here
Some very cute, very versatile papers, called Lizzie's papers are here

Check out Ikea Goddess' blog and Amy W's for more awesome freebies. AND lets hope Selena makes it back sometime soon. She's missed

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Mini freebie list

Today I decided to join the leagues of all you wonderful people who leave us lists of other great sites with freebies. I cant guarantee I can do it every day, but I am gonna give it a go. We will see what happens.
Oh, and its my FIRST anniversary today. I cant believe its been a year, or only a year, im not sure which. LOL

Nana's attic has a HUGE list of freebies. There are quick pages, doodles, paper and ribbons. This site is fantastic.
Janniscrap designs has a cute cute guardian angels kit. Its massive and beautiful.
Over at Mermaids Haven there is a cute Charlie's world kit, its in three parts, and if you scroll down there are lots of other great freebies inspired by her grandkids
HolliHobbi has a gorgeous kit up called Sunny Daze, I HAD to use this the first day I downloaded it.
Mrs. Miles has more over her cute and original tapes. They are a must have
Over at 4boyzandamoms blog there are some lace borders to check out.
Scrapster has some FANTASTIC grungy papers, the colors are beautiful
Sarah has an adorable underwater love add on. I love the colors, very unique
Riascraps has a MUST have box freebie. You have to check this out
Totally cute scraps has an alpha that is just that, totally cute
umajoanne has a very natural outdoorsy kit on her blog.
Pillowgirls blog is ALWAYS worth checking out. She has such beautiful freebies. Today its a tropical flower
And over at Jelly Bean Lane, Rachel, has some tacks. These are fantastic.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Fathers day freebie

I was inspired by my wonderful husband and this upcoming holiday to put this together. I really hope everyone likes it. I used some of his clothing to inspire my colors lol. I've had a BAD bad week, I'm out of work, and a job I thought was for sure fell through. So nice comments are greatly apprciated. Plus my nephews grandma died, and bah, I am just all around sad. So feel free to leave the love.
You can get the papers here
and the elements here