The credits for this header go strictly to Anita over at Nana's attic. I used her wonderful Rainbow kit freebie. Which is no longer available on her page. BUT she has lots of other fabulous freebies for you to see and download.

Family pic

Family pic
All of us!

My girls

My girls
enjoying the warm weather

Friday, August 24, 2007

Quick list with some great new finds

wow look at this kindergarten kisses kit. WOW again. I love this. Great for preschool too

Great sampler to go with it

great qp to be found here

oooh nice tags

found this qp through anita’s blog. I like it a lot

Anita’s got part one of a brand new kit up. GRAB it.

“embarassing” freebie, the reds and blacks in this kit are awesome

masking tape freebie, look at that texture

hula whoop kit here

nice purple qp here

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kinks in my header

As you can see I am having some problems with the sizing of my header. I just can't seem to get it quite right. Any tips? I was playing around with this all morning. BIG thanks to Anita for this lovely kit. If anyone came by earlier and didn't see credits, thats why. I have been trying to fix this for about two hours now. SORRY Anita. I just got them up, hoping that no one had swung by while I was still trying to fix it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

AN over due list, finally

Hey ladies (and gentlemen)

Sorry I have been MIA lately, no real excuse, I am just sooo tired all the time. I wish I could promise to get a list up every day, but I can’t. I just don’t seem to have the motivation

Also Mindy has decided to not be a designer in a store anymore. I am sooo sad by this. She was so talented and I was loving being on her CT. But I am glad shes doing what is best for her family.

Heres a list for today anyways

wow I love this template. NICE

two great templates

cute mini kit

Janoch’s blog

bold boy sampler

another FAB back to school kit

Autumns kiss continues. As usual I LOVE this kit. her work is some of the best there is and its free

this is actually an old post, so scroll down, but these stars are great. Be sure to get them if you haven’t

wow look at this lovely paperpack

wow love that purple paper

great mini kit here

Ok the list is kind of short, but at least its there. There is some great stuff, be sure to check it out

Monday, August 13, 2007

New list

Just a quick post. I worked all weekend and then was way too tired to pop on here and make a list, so I am trying to do one now.

another brand new kit, over the rainbow, wow look at this detail

an announcement, AND a freebie template

I love this template

another great back to school kit

a great little freebie, GRAB it, it wont be there long

nice qp here

A brand new feeling sasy kit

Friday, August 10, 2007

Freebie list

Man I am so tired. I wish I was in bed. Maybe its knowing that I have to get up EARLY tomorrow, not looking forward to that at all.

final part of feeling wonderful

cute boy papers

template and a qp

more of her skool dayz

some metal elements

star charms

very nice decorative squares

wow.. look at this “thinking in sage” add on

oooh corrugated tags

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I rock?!

Well, Mindy thinks I do. YAY. Hmm and now to pick five more people that I think rock. Lets see.

Hmm first off I choose Anita, why well because her work is awesome. PLUS she gives it all away for free and well, I have to have it all.
Next I definitely choose Pillowgirl. I mean, wow, shes talented, plus she seems so nice too. I love all her work.
Then I choose Colie, why? Well cause I just love her templates and her kits too.
For number four I choose Princess Pamela. She is another one of those designers whos things I just HAVE to have. I love em.
And last but not least I choose Crystal. She is not a blogger in the same way as everyone else, and she does digi scrap, but she doesn't hang out in the forums or anything She actually is the one who got me addicted.

New list and an update

Hey all, Sorry for no list yesterday, I redid my reader so I could have my blog and reader on the same account. I don’t know why I didn’t figure that out earlier. But in doing that I really couldn’t tell what was new and what wasn’t without a lot of time that I just didn’t have yesterday.

I have also started on my daughters birthday invites. Her bday isnt until November but I was so excited to have the stamps I am using I got started early. Besides I also have Christmas cards to make and then in January I will have Kylie’s first bday. So this is my very heavy cardmaking time of year. I have looked at this stamp set for a couple years and never got it. When Stampin up decided to retire it, I knew I HAD to have it before it was gone. I think her invites are gonna be cute, when I get my sample done I will try to scan it to show all of you.

Selena has a great list up today, so if you haven’t allready be sure to stop by her blog and check it out. There were a couple really great kits for boys

Now on to my list

last part of just a whisper, I love this kit. But then again I love everything Anita does.

a candy land kit, this is cute

OM goodness, look at this fab template. I love it.

kiss me add on. This is great

This school days kit has to be grabbed by all us moms. Especially as the first day approaches quickly. And be sure to grab the country charm kits. I love em

cute glitter plants can be found here

feeling wonderful continues. Man this kits is gorgeous

Vals got a great qp up for grabs

gold kit here, im impressed

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mini freebie list

Over at the stone accents blog, feeling wonderful continues. Be SURE to get part four and then head over to the forums for the bonus
And Anita at Nana's attic has the first part of a great kit up. Be sure to check this one out too. It is called just a whisper, the soft muted colors are great.

Here you will find a great freebie kit, in honor of her new ct team.

OOOH this country charm kit in green is lovely

wow, I love the blues and browns in this kit

Monday, August 6, 2007

Quick list

last part of sweet and sassy, GET it

great sampler of her new creations

no new freebies here, BUT check out the great qps, and if you arent in on the exchange get in fast

oooooooooh a shabby sunroom sampler

abalone bead border

cute photo prongs

over the rainbow kit

grungy bubble add on

template here

Fathers day word art.

hope paper pack here

Not a whole list, but a GREAT freebie

Hey ladies and gents
Jenny has a WONDERFUL new kit out there, its called kids can cook. She left me the link for it earlier. I must say i LOVE this kit. I bet 90% of us have photos for this kit. It is girly, which is JUST fine by me, cause I have girls. BUT if you have boys there are still several very useful elements. Be sure to check it out. Her stuff is great.
Grab this kit here

Sunday, August 5, 2007

New Freebie

I have a new freebie! Something I am awfully proud of. Actually it is something I originally thought of with paper scrapping and my demonstrator borrowed my idea, and we used it today. I LOVE the way it made the page turn out. I hope you all like it too.
There are more colors than the ones shown here and it can also easily be recolored for your needs. Just click on the image to download.
Also as you can see I created my own logo. Please let me know what you think of it. I made two different ones, so I will be posting them both tomorrow to see which one you all like better.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

A couple of great freebies in response to a question

Someone asked for a hair cut and a first tooth kit. SO I am listing these links. The first one I used to make Allanahs pages for her big hair cut. The second is a cute add on for a tooth kit. Hope this helps

This one comes in both pink and blue. So if you need it in blue scroll to the bottom and click on older posts.

and of COURSE pillowgirl, has some lovely elements for both themes. Go to her gallery and then to the elements section. Youll love both bits

New list

Put a list out, but I am feeling lonely. No one has bothered to leave me a comment of anything in the last few days. *sigh* Ok, not that serious about it, but I do miss the drop bys to say hello. Hope you wonderful ladies are all doing well. I AM! Its my weekend off.

sweet and sassy for BOYS, man you have to love everything anita does, well I do at least

polaroid cluster frames check em out

beach kit freebie

OOOOOOOOH more cupcakes and such

cute tag can be found here

build a flower. I LOVE this

great qp here

another great qp

love is strange mini kit

a new template

this star template is great, and YES great is my word of the night forgive me but im TIRED

Friday, August 3, 2007

Wynona Judd

My mom called me last night to tell me she had won an extra ticket to see Wynona tonight, and asked if I would like to come. I QUICKLY jumped on that, and made some calls and was able to get the night off of work.
We get there tonight, have dinner for free, along with unlimited free alcohol, and its the GOOD stuff, including grey goose vodka which I love. So I have a few drinks, then we go out to listen to the concert.
The symphony played for about 45 minutes without Wynona, and this was nice. Very enjoyable. But I was anxiously awaiting seeing Wynona. She came out and put on a FABULOUS show. I mean wow... I was dumbstruck. Her voice is only more amazing in person than it is on the radio or on cd. Plus she was funny, and sweet and just really enjoyable all the way around.
I wanted to hear one song, especially, No one Else on Earth. This song has a lot of history behind it for me, and I was waiting excitedly. She didn't do it during the regular show. She came out and did an encore and it was some song in Latin, i THINK. I would say about half the audience left at that point. But not me, I wasn't ready to give up. After this song, she did it. She sang "No one else on earth" It made a great show, unforgettable.
Man this was a great show. I loved it.
She sang "I can only imagine" too, and as soon as she started I broke into tears. This song breaks my heart. It was the song that was played at the viewing of a little boy I loved very much. I cried through the entire thing. I just couldn't stop. But she still did it beautifully. I think the crying was only made worse because the last time I was at this concert series he was with me. I had just become his CENA and his family took me with them to see a star wars themed symphony concert. And even though I cried, those were very happy memories. He loved music, and he was very very happy that night. I will always remember that day with him, its one of my favorite memories.
So all around tonight was a good night. Like I said the concert was AWESOME. I am so glad I went. I loved it. Just wanted to post a bit.